Featuring some familiar faces from a few well-known Jersey shore bands, The Original Copy launched in the winter of 2022. The band took their time working up a unique show, and all their hard work soon paid off.

In a few short months, they had secured a full summer schedule in some of the top venues in the area, working 3-4 shows per week.

With both male and female lead vocals and a wide spectrum of music offered in their vast set list, The Original Copy will keep any venue rocking all night long.

The band is led by newcomer Colleen, who’s powerful and concise vocal style is turning heads in every venue they play.

Despite the band’s collective young age, they are delivering seasoned performances every night. They’ve been welcomed into the cover circuit as the new faces of the scene, and the upcoming year will see the band venturing out of New Jersey and onto stages throughout the Northeastern seaboard in both public and private sector venues.