When a band can’t be put into a category, they create one all their own.

Originally slated for a 2020 release, The Cliffs hit the ground running in 2021 and never looked back. Their successful entry into the New Jersey nightclub and casino markets have resulted in dozens of wedding and corporate bookings, as well as a sold out 2022 schedule that includes every A-list venue in the state. They were the breakout band of 2022, and by all indications, they’ll retain that title for some time to come.

What sets this band apart from the rest? The Cliffs are comprised of eight highly trained musicians and singers coming together from individual successful careers. Their vocal arsenal is limitless, with the band’s lead singer Kristin taking on everything from Heart to Journey, to Whitney with flawless execution. The band members play virtually every style of music and have entertained countless crowds. Their never-ending setlist spans many decades, and throughout the course of a Cliffs concert, you’ll dance, you’ll get funky, you’ll rock out and you’ll have your lighter up in the air (well… your iPhone’s lighter app!) for an epic sing along or two.

No matter what type of event, The Cliffs will deliver a unique and diverse concert experience with passion and dedication behind every note.