ROSTER / Lifespeed


Lifespeed is a NJ mainstay band and has been a dominant force in the east coast nightclub, casino, corporate and wedding markets for years. Their unique approach to covering songs along with their arsenal of musical and vocal talent has propelled them to the top of the “A” list of live entertainment.

The past few years have been their most successful to date. Lifespeed has the rare ability of changing gears to accommodate any audience of any age. From a packed club or casino of “twenty-somethings” to a high-end corporate function, to a personalized wedding performance, Lifespeed is your band for just about any event!

Many corporate and wedding clients are now looking for more of a “party” vibe at their weddings and private events, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Lifespeed! For those clients that want to bridge the gap of finding a band that guests from 20 to 70 years old will LOVE……you have just found your entertainment.

Lifespeed has FIVE lead singers and delivers an unbelievable, high energy stage show. You can customize their setlist for a night of music that’s perfect for your musical needs.