“THAT WAS THE BEST EVENT WE’VE EVER ATTENDED!” (Simply put, if that is the feedback you want to hear from your guests, Daddy Pop is your band.)

EXPERIENCE & TALENT – Daddy Pop has been electrifying weddings, corporate events, private parties, nightclubs, and casinos for over two decades. With expertise in so many sectors, we get to present the best of every musical world to our clients. Having performed thousands of shows, including nearly 1,000 weddings, we have the knowledge and experience to make your special day one that will be spoken about for years to come. Our 8-11 piece band consists of top notch professionals who are masters of their art and are also well-known and respected faces throughout the industry.
CONSISTENCY – Whereas many bands use a random and revolving door of players, Daddy Pop’s lineup is “set”, which means that the band you see in our promo and at our public shows is the band that will be performing at your wedding. We would be happy to list the names of our players on your contract.  Consistently playing together as a unit has not only made us one of the tightest bands you’ll ever hear, but it’s also brought us together as a family. That is why weddings are our favorite type of events: Our family gets to join your family in celebrating one of the most important days of your life. We LIVE for that!

ADAPTABILITY – Unlike other musical groups who use prewritten set lists as a guide for the performance, Daddy Pop prefers to use the audience as our guide, watching subtle nuances on the dance floor and calling “musical audibles” throughout the night to ensure all guests of every age are dancing, smiling and exhausted from the fun they’ve ALL had.
CUSTOMIZATION– We speak with each client in depth before their wedding to gather info on your musical tastes and the flow of the evening, sorting your “play” and “do not play” song list and getting a general feel in how you want the night to run. Instead of telling you what we’ll do, we’ll ask you what you want. Be it first dances, band selections or DJ requests during band breaks, everything is customized based on the musical landscape you and your fiancé envision at your wedding.