Sep 21, 2020

Duel of the Decades

2 Decades. 1 Stage. YOU decide the winner! Any two of the greatest cultural eras go head-to-head in the ultimate battle. A fun and unique evening of pop culture, DUEL OF THE DECADES is an interactive live music competition. Are you Team 80’s or Team 90’S? Team 70's or Team Y2k? With our referee as your host, each decade will face a series of challenges that will determine who will be crowned champion. Cast your vote to determine the winner LIVE using any mobile device.

Sample Setlist

Each Duel of the Decades show is different with new categories, songs and contests!


118 Westfield Ave. Suite 8 | Clark NJ 07066
NJ Booking License #BW0345700


623 Forest Ave. Floor 2 | SI, NY 10310
NY Booking License #DCA1191570