May 17, 2022


Dj Lax DJ LAX has been undertaken since the age of 16. LAX attended CTI and got certified for Audio Recording and Music Production while still in high school to sharpen his skills.
 Influenced by numerous friend's in the industry and always being in and out of studio's, LAX grew up surrounded by music, dj's, and producers. He started, like most true DJ's, spinning vinyl with Technic 1200's, and over the years accumulated a massive collection of records. Eventually starting his own business doing private parties, he was able to build his client base and has always kept a good relationship with them. DJ LAX was asked to describe himself as a DJ in 3 words. His response was "Confidence, Fearless, and Humbl”. Just keep the people dancing and they will be happy." He says reading his crowd, knowing music, and not letting ego get in the way, is key to getting respected and moving forward in this scene with so much competition.

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118 Westfield Ave. Suite 8 | Clark NJ 07066
NJ Booking License #BW0345700


623 Forest Ave. Floor 2 | SI, NY 10310
NY Booking License #DCA1191570